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So everyone looks back on his or her younger days and swears they were better than they probably were in actuality.  But I SWEAR my generation had more manners than the children I encounter today. They don’t ask for permission to do things, they look at you like you have two heads when you ask them to do something, and the foul language that has come out of there mouths-directed at me-is enough to melt your ears off.  Ok, not everyone is bad but some of the things these kids do would have had my parents down my throat.  I know when I was younger if the teacher yelled at the whole class I would have been in tears (I was such an angel) and I would have never thought of mouthing off (out loud). I said “please” (most of the time) and “thank you.”  I raised my hand, was quiet when called to attention, and didn’t question simple requests.  Sure, there were times I had off moments or forgot to say “please” but for the most part I knew who was in charge and respected that authority.

I was in a classroom today that the teacher was only in for one period; she had a drawer in a file cabinet but otherwise the room belonged to another teacher.  There was a giant box of pencils (I had never seen one this big) on the desk and while we were watching the movie a student walked up to the desk, took a pencil, and sat down.  I told him to return the pencil.  He proceeded to argue with me and said his teacher let him do it all the time. I said that may be the case but  1) She is not here today and I would prefer you not take things and 2) More importantly, you don’t just take things without asking.  He then huffily asked me if he could take the pencil but didn’t even wait for a response before placing it in his bag.  I told him to return it and he could ask at the end of class because he didn’t need a pencil to watch the movie.  Some may say I was being picky because who is going to miss 1 pencil out of a box of 150 (or whatever ridiculous amount was in that box) but I am a stickler for manners and proper behavior.  Besides,  I really did not know who owned the pencils or what the policy was; sometimes those kids are crafty speakers. Bottom line, just ask before you take.

More technology, too much tv, broken homes, or [insert excuse here] – I don’t know what the excuse is but I am NOT a fan.  Any lack of manners that shocked you?


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