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In my daily travels as a sub I have talked to countless teachers about how they got started.  Confirming my thoughts, substituting is a very good way to get your foot in the door.  Many teachers started out subbing, took on a long-term position, and then were asked to return the next year.  One teacher I talked to today had been working as a sub while paying a mortgage and supporting two children.  Boy, am I glad I am still at home (Ask me how I feel when my house is filled with noisy relatives).   I am lucky enough to live with my grandparents who cover many of my expenses for me.  I mean the pay is decent but I can’t imagine supporting myself on it, even if I was alone.  For me, a big chunk of my pay is sucked away by student loans.    Then we get into other debt.  Think about the cost of a car, rent/mortgage, insurance, food, childcare and the many other costs of life.  Sometimes it makes my head hurt @_@  Hopefully, one day I will have my own classroom, a decent salary, and I can have my own little patch of the world to call my own.


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Payroll Debacle

Got my lovely first check on Friday.  Student loans here I come!  To my dismay there were some errors.  If you read my previous post,  Papers, Papers Everywhere…Except in My File, you know that a town lost my certificate.   No big deal, I dropped off another copy.  It was a week before this check was cut, that should be fine,  right?  WRONG  I’m not freaking out yet; this can be resolved with a phone call. It went along these lines:

[ring ring] Payroll: Hello, Town payroll office, Janine speaking.

Me: There has been an error with the rate I get paid (More detailed).

Payroll: Well, I have you listed as this rate.  I can transfer you to Personnel and see what they say.  Just tell them to send me an email with their decision.

[ring ring] Personel: Hello, Rachel speaking, how can I help you?

Me: Hi, my name is Raven Felton and I have been substituting and I recently got my CEAS.  I was informed this changed my pay rate.  However, it is not reflected on my paycheck.

Personnel: [to lady in background]Raven Felton, problems with her certificate?

Lady in background: Oh I remember that name. Well, we didn’t have her copy.

Personnel: We didn’t have a copy.

Me: I understand but I turned in a copy a while before the check was sent out.  I thought I gave it to them in enough time.  I just spoke to Janine downstairs and she asked you to please send an email letting her know.

Personnel: [relays back to lady in background]  Uh, well, we would have to see Janine and talk to her to see what is going to happen.

Me: Ok. Also, am I going to get the difference on my next paycheck?  I understand the copy was misplaced but I feel I shouldn’t be penalized for this.

Personnel: Uh…I have no idea.  I think it may have to be approved by the Board.  And we have to go talk to Janine.  We’ll get back to you on Monday.

After all this I was a bit annoyed.  First, I am again angry that they did not check earlier in the year to see if my certificate was in.  Second, I was never told it had to be approved by the board!  Why was I not told when I dropped off my certificate?  If I was informed I would have been ok with the delayed raise, still a little annoyed, but ok. Lastly, I  felt they didn’t believe that I had just talked to Janine.

The difference in pay is not a lot but I don’t know how many checks this is going to affect and I would like to get that missed money back.   I hope this gets resolved soon >.<

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