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In my daily travels as a sub I have talked to countless teachers about how they got started.  Confirming my thoughts, substituting is a very good way to get your foot in the door.  Many teachers started out subbing, took on a long-term position, and then were asked to return the next year.  One teacher I talked to today had been working as a sub while paying a mortgage and supporting two children.  Boy, am I glad I am still at home (Ask me how I feel when my house is filled with noisy relatives).   I am lucky enough to live with my grandparents who cover many of my expenses for me.  I mean the pay is decent but I can’t imagine supporting myself on it, even if I was alone.  For me, a big chunk of my pay is sucked away by student loans.    Then we get into other debt.  Think about the cost of a car, rent/mortgage, insurance, food, childcare and the many other costs of life.  Sometimes it makes my head hurt @_@  Hopefully, one day I will have my own classroom, a decent salary, and I can have my own little patch of the world to call my own.


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