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So,  I haven’t posted in a while.  I have had a lot of heavy things going on in my life.  But I will try to go back and update.   It made me think though, when is it ok to take off?  I am only a substitute and am not beholden to anyone, at least in the form of a contract or a class that needs me.  I don’t need to ask for days off or fill out a form explaining my absence.  However, if I don’t work I don’t get money; I work because I need the money…andthe experience.

I feel bad when I take off.  Darn, I feel bad when I have already accepted a job and have to tell the person calling I am not available.    I really do not make a habit of taking off but after putting my dog to sleep on Monday I just didn’t want to face the world.  Now I know that it’s a dog and that is not as dire as a relative (It is to me but I know the professional world would not quite see it that way) but he was like a relative to me and I was sad.  I sucked it up however and felt it would be better to keep my mind off of it and I lucked out by being  placed with a pretty good class.    But then we get into events, sicknesses, doctor’s appointments, and a plethora of other things that could keep one away from the classroom.

When do you think it is acceptable to take a day off?


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