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Caring Teacher

Today, while on hall duty I overheard a conversation between a student and teacher that really touched me.  I don’t know if the student wasn’t himself or asked the teacher to talk but they came out in the hall and the teacher asked what was up?  The kid told his story which was really crazy and something that not even mature adults handle well.  This teacher listened, gave good advice and really tried to help the student because he knew it was something he couldn’t handle on his own.  The kid was apprehensive about going to administration and the teacher said he would help him out and speak on his behalf to get things going.  I just thought the fact that this teacher was taking time out of class to help this kid and was willing to go to bat for him was touching.  He has  to have a great rapport with his students for them to be willing to talk to him about such subjects.  I know this teacher has a lot on his plate with classes and a busy home life but he can step aside from everything and be a real person.  It was just a touching moment  and I hope to have that kind of relationship with my students.


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