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Parking Pros

When you are a sub, parking is usually not ideal.  You can check out my earlier post to see my views on it.  However, it can have some perks.  For me, it has helped with my parallel parking.  The past few weeks I have been at the same school and the teachers have assigned parking and receive permits.  Subs are on their own  for parking and I usually park on a street on the other side of the park adjacent to the school.  It’s a quick walk through the park to get to the school and many students park there rather than dealing with pricey permits or risking tickets in timed parking.  I leave the school for lunch and have gotten lots of practice parallel parking when I return…assuming my spot is still there.  This may not seem like a big deal but I DREAD parallel parking; it could have to do with me failing  my driver’s test the first time because of the evil task (Hitting the cone is an automatic failure).  I don’t even mind parking blocks away to avoid having to do it. However, when you have a limited amount of time for lunch and need to fight with a sea of students and be back in the classroom, walking those blocks is not a good idea.  So I suck it up and parallel park.  I try to leave a little extra space between me and the car in front of me to make getting back in easier but I will say I have improved quite a bit and have to do very little jockeying.  So sometimes inconvenience has an upside.


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Parking Worries

So, not the most important factor in a teaching career but it can be a concern when it comes to school decisions.  At my senior dinner we were allowed to bring up any concerns we had with two exceptions 1) the food 2) parking.  Needless to say, as aggravating as it may be it has to be considered.  You would like to have a guaranteed spot so that you can get to work in ease.  However, conditions are not always ideal.  It can cause tension between the workers and people who live in the town, especially if parking spills out of designated lots and needs to take over street parking.

As a substitute teacher it can be a VERY stressful situation.  I have been at many schools and each has its own policy.  One school makes you call before you arrive and gives you a spot number.  Sounds easy enough BUT you can show up and someone may already be in that spot.  You would think you would just be taking the spot of the absent teacher you are filling in for but not so.  I was even given a spot, pulled in, and had the person come up behind me and start honking.  Sorry, it was the number I was given 😦    Others, have a large enough lot that spots are not assigned so you can park wherever suits you.  I like this 🙂 Lastly, some places barely have enough spots for their own staff, like the placement I am at now,  so I was told to find parking on the street.   This means leaving earlier just so I can guarantee  a spot.  To add to the challenge I need to keep an eye out for street cleaning signs.    What fun!  Looks like I will be doing some hunting on Tuesday >.<

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