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I had the funniest comment in my sub plans today.  The classroom had a SmartBoard and it’s in the middle of the front board.  Actually, I should say it was in the middle of the only board and there was a small white board for assignments and announcements.  Basically, there was no writing space.  In the plans the teacher wrote a note, “There is a SmartBoard at the front of the class.  This is not to be used as a whiteboard!”  There was also a sign on the floor in front of the board.  I laughed and then was horrified at the thought of someone actually writing on those expensive pieces of equipment.  But then I thought, I am used to these tools because we had seminars in college and my classroom had one while I was student teaching.  But I can remember when my high school first got one…for the entire school and we were all amazed at them.  Not all teachers may be familiar with the technology but I would think you would know not to write on them.  But again seeing how little space there was to write I could see how they may mistake it for space.

What interesting directions have you gotten in plans?


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