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On occasion I sub in the school I went to.  On occasion the students mention a photo of me. EVERY TIME I cringe and laugh.

My high school decided to hang old photos and memorabilia all around the cafeteria.  While in school I was presented with an award for doing well on the SAT (I think or some other test thinger, they all blend together).  They took pictures and for some reason it’s hanging up.  I dislike pictures of myself.  I don’t believe we were warned that we were taking them.  But what makes me laugh is students ask if it’s me.  If you look at the picture it clearly has my name on it;  I haven’t gotten married;  I have had old teachers and faculty say my first name;  I don’t look much different from when I was in high school (a few extra inches tall and sadly a few extra pounds).  I was even standing next to it today when I was asked; you think that would be an easy comparison, right? Yet, I am always surprised when they ask because the answer is so obvious. But then again, I find many of the answers I want from students are like this, they just have to do a little work.


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