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Payroll Debacle

Got my lovely first check on Friday.  Student loans here I come!  To my dismay there were some errors.  If you read my previous post,  Papers, Papers Everywhere…Except in My File, you know that a town lost my certificate.   No big deal, I dropped off another copy.  It was a week before this check was cut, that should be fine,  right?  WRONG  I’m not freaking out yet; this can be resolved with a phone call. It went along these lines:

[ring ring] Payroll: Hello, Town payroll office, Janine speaking.

Me: There has been an error with the rate I get paid (More detailed).

Payroll: Well, I have you listed as this rate.  I can transfer you to Personnel and see what they say.  Just tell them to send me an email with their decision.

[ring ring] Personel: Hello, Rachel speaking, how can I help you?

Me: Hi, my name is Raven Felton and I have been substituting and I recently got my CEAS.  I was informed this changed my pay rate.  However, it is not reflected on my paycheck.

Personnel: [to lady in background]Raven Felton, problems with her certificate?

Lady in background: Oh I remember that name. Well, we didn’t have her copy.

Personnel: We didn’t have a copy.

Me: I understand but I turned in a copy a while before the check was sent out.  I thought I gave it to them in enough time.  I just spoke to Janine downstairs and she asked you to please send an email letting her know.

Personnel: [relays back to lady in background]  Uh, well, we would have to see Janine and talk to her to see what is going to happen.

Me: Ok. Also, am I going to get the difference on my next paycheck?  I understand the copy was misplaced but I feel I shouldn’t be penalized for this.

Personnel: Uh…I have no idea.  I think it may have to be approved by the Board.  And we have to go talk to Janine.  We’ll get back to you on Monday.

After all this I was a bit annoyed.  First, I am again angry that they did not check earlier in the year to see if my certificate was in.  Second, I was never told it had to be approved by the board!  Why was I not told when I dropped off my certificate?  If I was informed I would have been ok with the delayed raise, still a little annoyed, but ok. Lastly, I  felt they didn’t believe that I had just talked to Janine.

The difference in pay is not a lot but I don’t know how many checks this is going to affect and I would like to get that missed money back.   I hope this gets resolved soon >.<


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While doing my student teaching, I came to realize that there is A LOT of paperwork involved with education.  I’m not just talking about the assignments that I give out and collect to grade.  There are forms about allergies and medical concerns, modifications and educational needs, evaluations, forms, notices, and many other bits of information.  That’s just in the classroom.  Then to be considered for a job you have forms, certificates, applications, letters, sealed this, and notarized that.  Makes your head hurt!  I can only imagine what it’s like to be working in an office that keeps track of all these papers.  Must be even crazier because one such office lost my certificate…which was sent in July…and just notified me.  They have the other paper that was attached to it but the certificate wandered off somewhere.  At least they caught it and were kind enough to notify me before I got my paycheck; it gives me a pay raise.   I’m hand delivering this copy.

Ever have something like this happen to you?

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