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Each day, the kindergartners get snack time about an hour before lunch.  This is a time to take a break.  The funny thing is, the parents have been  really good about giving their kids lunch with a snack.  However, the kids are not so good at taking their snack out of their lunch.    We quickly realized this when we walked around the first day to check what they were eating and saw them consuming their sandwiches and several of the snacks in their bag.  I had one student whine how he wanted to eat his sandwich now and wouldn’t listen when I tried to explain he wouldn’t have lunch later.   Even after walking around each day, it seems the trend has continued.

Well, what is a “snack”?  How big or small can it be?I have one girl who brings in a sandwich.  The first time I thought she was eating her lunch but it turns out she brings two.  Another student brings in a tiny bag of fruitchews.   Some students ate through half the lunch they brought on the first day before we caught them.  Others, do not eat anything from their lunch but have a drink.

To try to remedy the confusion we have sent a note home to parents asking them to put the item in a separate bag or write “snack” on it.    We’ll see how this works in the coming weeks.


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