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As a substitute teacher we are often thrown into roles that are outside our field of training.  I am certified to be a social studies teacher yet I have worked in elementary schools, PE classes, and math classes, to name a few.  When I got my classroom assignment for yesterday I was a bit surprised as well as apprehensive: Culinary Arts.  First, I have never seen either of the teachers be absent.  Second, I instantly imagined horrible things going wrong as children tried to cook something.  I cook at home, mostly baking, but had no great skills and couldn’t even imagine teaching a recipe to several classes of students.

I lucked out because the other teacher was free first period and ran the class, showing me how he would present the recipes for the brownies and blondies they would be working on in the next few days. You would think it was just the recipes being presented but I realize there is so much more to it than that; I took a list of notes for each recipe to make sure I didn’t forget anything.  Besides the steps students were quizzed on conversion, such as how many tablespoons are in a stick and half of butter, and  tool usage, such as how to make and use a double boiler.  He also discussed hints and tips for making each of the recipes.  Lets just say I had two sides of notes.

After this I was on my own.  The first class I had to present to went…quickly.  I unfortunately sped through everything and looked up at the clock to see there were 27 minutes left in the class; I was horrified.  But each time I redid the presentation I added more jokes, more questions, longer explanations, more wait time and all that jazz so at the last class they only had fifteen minutes left just like the class that the teacher presented in the morning.  I even had one kid ask if I was in the cooking field because I was doing a nice job of presenting the information.

I enjoyed the class because you got to be pretty interactive with the kids.  The brownie recipe calls for unsweetened chocolate and students could test it out.  It was amusing to see their faces of disgust and then get into a discussion about why it works.  I could really see how this could be an enjoyable class to teach.

I definitely ended the day a lot more confident than I started off.  What has been you most unusual assignment?


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