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It seems like in school we are always testing our children.  It begins before they  even officially begin school.  Youngsters in our area are given the  Bracken School Readiness Assessment (BSRA) to test their skills in various areas such as colors, letters, numbers/counting, sizes, comparisons, and shapes.  This test is supposed to be administered when the children are being registered and parents are supposed to be present so they can fill out relevant information that we use as test questions later.

My job today was to help administer the test to all the kids who had not taken the test…about a third of the grade -_-;   This wasn’t too bad after I was told what answers counted.  I had no clue whether a squishy oval counted as copying a circle or when you say, “hands above your head,” if it counted if the hands were touching the child’s head.  That wording can be so tricky!  I tried to make it like a game.  I told them we were playing Simon Says when I asked them to perform tasks such as putting their hands in their pockets and showing me their left foot.   I also got to test motor skills such as catching, hopping, skipping, stair climbing, writing, cutting, and copying.  So I had them do the “work” part first which wasn’t too bad because they had been dieing to use the scissors all week.  We then got to run around playing catch, jumping, and skipping.  If only all tests were so easy!

There were a few complications.   First, there were several sections involving the identification of  shapes, colors, and numbers in a book that took a fair amount of time.  I was ready to help by taking students to another section to complete their test but we only had one book.  Guess I couldn’t work on that.  I then decided to work on the section where students told me about themselves.  To do this I needed the child’s full name,  address, birthday, etc to verify they were giving the correct answers.  As I stated, this is usually filled in by the parents who are present when the test is normally administered.  However, when the test is delayed we don’t have the parents around to help and we have to go on a hunt.  If the child brought back his or her emergency information packet we can look on that.  Unfortunately, some students do not and then I have to turn to the office to get the information.  Sadly, I wasn’t able to get it because the secretary in the office looked at me like I was crazy for asking for the information.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day to try; it still is the first week of school with craziness to be straightened out. Anyway, testing continues tomorrow.


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