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Ok, so I was expecting to have the first few weeks of school free.  No teacher in his or her right mind would miss the first few days of school.  I was going to check out the King Tut exhibit in NYC, go check out some grad school information, crack down on my portfolio (it’s almost perfect).    Well,  to my surprise I got a call last night from the lady in one of the towns who is responsible for sub calls.  She asked me what my availability was and if I had gotten a position.  At first I was confused, I am always available  (It seems people are picky about what days they can work, go figure).  She then explained one of the elementary schools was looking for a permanent sub  and that they wanted to see a few candidates.  I would work for two weeks and show up every day, whether someone was out or not.  WOOHOO!!!  Of course I jumped at the opportunity.  I had been in this school before and I didn’t have any problems.  Well, one hallway’s floor is a bit too squeaky for my liking, but I think I will live.   Elementary is not my first choice of age groups to work with but they are cute and sometimes actually listen to what you are saying…or at least try to.   Not sure what I will do, probably sort all those papers that seem never-ending in the first week.  So my summer officially ends today.  I start school bright and early tomorrow (thankfully not as bright and early as the same town’s high school teehee).   Once again I must establish a sleep schedule, pack lunches, and deal with morning commuters.  Can’t wait!


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