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Twenty-six kids do not belong in one classroom.  Twenty-six kindergartners REALLY do not belong in one classroom.  In an ideal world all classes would be smaller so teachers could devote more attention to individual students but I know it doesn’t happen.  But these youngsters really do need more individual attention.  There is so much they do not know.   Just teaching them the basics like how to line up and signals to not talk was a challenge.

The town I am in does not pre-register their children; parents were signing children up as late as yesterday and there were still some children that showed up that were not on any class rosters.  This can be good to let parents have more time to decide if their child is ready for school and get enrolled.  However, it leads to problems such as unlisted children, a shortage of supplies, and crowded classrooms.    They are thinking of splitting the sections and creating a third class but then they need to worry about where they would put them.  They require a room that has a bathroom and the only room available is being used as a lunch room. Another option is to have aids in each of the rooms.  I was helping in one of the classrooms and it was still a bit overwhelming with so many students.  Granted, it was the first day of school but the kids only have a small attention span.  They are bored after the first fifteen kids telling their name or a fun fact, getting through the last ten is challenging.

I like the new class part.  I think the concessions that would have to be made, such as having students stay in their class for lunch, would be small compared to the benefits that would be gained by having the smaller class.  Of course the budget needs to be taken into consideration and just about everywhere it’s tight.   What do you think would be best?

We’ll see what happens.  I get to move up to first graders tomorrow.


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